money slavery

A place where money slaves start to fall down the slippery slope of financial domination. Your one stop shop for all things femdom.

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money slavery

money slavery

Money slavery is a form of erotic humiliation and is also known as financial domination. There are many nuances within this fetish, some forms of money slavery being more on the sensual side, and other forms bordering on the harsh end of the spectrum. Either way a submissive relinquishes power to a dominant money Mistress

Some money slaves prefer being seduced into money slavery, and a financial Domme may use coercive tactics like tease and denial or financial domination hypnosis. Other paypigs are helpless, and turned on by the feeling of being chased by a predatory and ruthless Mistress. They like the feeling of being weak and helpless and being chased into a position from which they cannot escape. The Mistress may use harsh tactics like fantasy blackmail, verbal humiliation, cuckolding and a hole range of ‘side fetishes’ that the submissive money slave may have. The end goal being to take the money slaves cash, with the slave being turned on by his arousal at being used.

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